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First intellectual output. Loyola Andalucia University

First intellectual output. Loyola Andalucia University

Tips & tricks for assertive communication with refugees

Intellectual Output 4

The Guide “Tips & Tricks for Assertive Communication with Refugees” aims to help improve the skills of students who will work in the field of integration of migrants and refugees in the host society and who will be the future practitioners and experts from schools, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, institutions and public authorities that manage and/or work directly with refugees.
This Guide aims to provide guidelines and key elements regarding the assertive behavior and work in an intercultural context and has as main objective to support students in acquiring the skills to communicate assertively with refugees, to practice ways of assertive communication and to know more about the benefits of assertive communication in relation with refugees.
To this purpose, this Guide offer students a number of useful notions and information, as well as practical tools regarding:

  • Concepts and definitions;
  • Developing the capacity to communicate assertively and to cooperate with refugees and people belonging to different cultures, under the conditions of operating with correct representations regarding the differences between nationalities, ethnic groups, races, cultures, genres, confessions, social categories, professional groups, etc.;
  • Needs, difficulties and ways of working with refugees in Italy, Spain, Romania, good practices, obstacles and solutions identified in the communication with refugees;
  • Communication and assertive behavior in the context of active, participative and collaborative working methods to manage the process of reception and integration of different categories of immigrants, particularly refugees;
  • Developing skills to participate in the enrichment of community life, through the exchange of identities, dialogue and social involvement;
  • Relationship assertiveness-diversity, multicultural society and intercultural society – how the person defines his own cultural landmarks and environment, as well as other spiritual experiences /cultures;
  • Learning by experimenting with the otherness by developing and exercising assertive communication;
  • Attitudes and behaviors, authentic and effective communication, taking roles and responsibilities in working with refugees. 

Global Commercium.

Claver Sum, Consorzio Tartaruga in collaboration with University Kore of Enna, Loyola University, University of Bucarest.


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