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First intellectual output. Loyola Andalucia University

First intellectual output. Loyola Andalucia University

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Fourth Transnational Coordination Meeting

Fourth Transnational Coordination Meeting

The Fourth Transnational Coordination Meeting of the project titled "Teaching Partnership Addressed to Refugee's Instances Strengthening (PARIS)" was held in Bucharest (Romania) on the 27th and 28th of February 2019 hosted by the University of Bucharest. The project has been financed by the European Union under the ERASMUS + Program.

This was the last Transnational Meeting of the project, a moment to review all the work done during this years and to plan the remaining tasks of the project; it was a good opportunity to exchange for new project ideas between the partners.
In particular main topic discussed were related to the pubblication of the IO4 of the project, the organization of the last Multiplier Event in Enna and the Summer School.

More information soon available on the website.

Attended the meeting representative from:

  • Consorzio Tartaruga (Palermo, Italy)
  • Asociación Claver (Sevilla, Spain)
  • Libera Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore" (Enna, Italy)
  • Fundación Universidad Loyola Andalucía (Sevilla, Spain)
  • Universitatea din Bucureşti (Bucureşti, Romania)
  • SC Global Commercium Development SRL (Bucureşti, Romania)
Download this file (4th TPM AGENDA - Bucharest 27-28 February.pdf)Document[4th TPM AGENDA - Bucharest 27-28 February]


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